Big Country Raw XL Feast 30lb (20 x 1.5lb pouches)

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The ultimate in a variety box with NO chicken - offering 5 proteins! Each box contains 6 lbs of XL Duck, 6 lbs of XL Lamb, 6 lbs of XL Turkey, 6 lbs XL Beef and 6 lbs XL Pork.
Perfect for dogs and puppies of all ages - very convenient for multi dog households. A great option for dogs that suffer from chicken sensitivities/allergies. A big box (30lbs of food) that takes up little freezer space with it's convenient 1.5 lb pouches. 
What Makes it XL?
A larger grind size results in bigger chunks of meat, bone, fruit and vegetables. It’s also available in our biggest box size yet – 30 lbs! Each box contains 20 x 1.5 lb vacuum sealed packages.
Like our popular Dinner Recipes, these are complete and balanced meals formulated to NRC standards by our in-house Pet Nutrition Expert, suitable for all life stages of your dog - including puppies and senior dog of all sizes and breeds.
Hormone and antibiotic free meat.
Not suitable for cats.
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