Mission and Philosophy

Our Mission

“Helping to Make Our Pets Healthy…One Pet at a Time”

In 2007 we did not have access to a store or veterinarian to help us transition Max, choose the right food and what we should be supplementing into his diet.  It was intimidating. We were not totally confident and it kept us up at night.  Regardless we saw the incredible transformation of our Max over a short period of time.  We knew we were on the right path.  Even our vet at that time could not believe the change that took place.

Pet owners have been indoctrinated by Big Pet Food and Veterinary Associations for the last 60 years to believe that a bag of highly processed ingredients, with a shelf life of months, full of synthetic and impossible to understand ingredients is the only way to feed our fur friends.  We know this is not the case.

Our mission is to provide a comfortable and non-judgemental environment where pet owners can:

  1. Make informed decisions as to how best feed and/or treat their fur friends.
  2. Receive a customized meal plan and transition strategy so that everyone has a great first experience.
  3. Feel fully confident that Back To The Bone and our associates are there to help you along your pet’s nutritional journey. All of us are experienced raw-feeders and have the desire and passion to help all our customers navigate the myriad of choices when choosing the right food, treats, or healthy supplements.
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Our Philosophy

Cats are obligate carnivores. Dogs are scavenging opportunistic carnivores. Both cats and dogs THRIVE on a diet consisting primarily of muscle meat, bone and organ meat.

All food, treats and supplements offered at Back To The Bone are carefully scrutinized to ensure that they all meet the most important standard:

“We only offer items that we are willing to give to our own pets”

All products are sourced first from local businesses. We are a Canadian First retailer and believe that the quality and price of our Country’s pet products are some of the best in the world.

We strive to offer a level of customer service that is unmatched in the pet retail marketplace. All pet owners and their pets have specific needs due to lifestyle, health and budget. Our approach to helping our customers find the right product to their needs is paramount in our service offering.

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