Raw Feeding Calculator


Important Considerations:

THESE ARE ONLY GUIDELINES The best measure of feeding amounts is how your pet looks and feels. Please refer to the Body Condition Score Dog or Body Condition Score Cat to know what to look for in an ideal weight score. We have a vet scale at both locations and are always here to help in determining ideal feeding amounts as there are many factors to consider.

IDEAL WEIGHT vs CURRENT WEIGHT Is your pet at their ideal weight? We recommend using the calculator at your pets current weight and also try it at their ideal weight. This way you know what to work towards, but rapidly decreasing or increasing food is not advised. Work towards goals over time.

BREED As a general rule our calculator calls a pet an adult at 12 months. Some larger breeds are growing while past the 12 month marker and have not reached 'adulthood.' The same vice versa where some 'miniature' breeds have very little growing to do after 8 months. These are factors that can play into feeding amounts. If you are unsure about any change to feeding amounts we recommend calling one of our store associates for a much more detailed evaluation.

CALORIC NEEDS Just like humans, your pet has caloric intake requirements. Our feeding calculator is a generic calculator as it does not take into effect specifically what you are feeding. Feeding calculators going by percentages are assuming a raw diet that is balanced over time through variety. If variety is not attainable or your pet has specific dietary needs, we recommend speaking to one of our store associates so we can better evaluate feeding amounts based on the caloric intake of the specific foods you are feeding.

KITTENS It is typically recommended to allow a kitten to eat as much as they want. If you've used our calculator and find your kitten is showing signs of wanting more, offer a little more.

NURSING PET OR UNDER 8 WEEKS It is not advised to use this calculator as a guideline. Please seek professional advice.