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Raw bones provide your pet with calcium, phosphorus and trace minerals and have been a necessity to the canine and feline species for literally thousands of years. Not only do they provide nutritional benefits but they help clean teeth and also give your pet physical and mental stimulation.

Bones are catergorised into recreational which are meal replacements so instead of giving your pet the ground formulations you would feed a typically big marrow type bones or meal replacement which are mostly necks, tails, and feet.

Of course, it is important to remember that bones should be matched to the size of your dog and if too small can be a choking hazard and you should always supervise your pet when you give them and never give a cooked bone as they are brittle and splinter. If you are unsure which bone is appropriate please ask one of our team.

golden retriever with a white cat on his back

Wide Variety of Bones

We carry a large variety of bones however, if you have something specific in mind, please ask, as it may be available upon request.

  • Beef flat ribs, kneecaps, marrow bones, meaty bones, necks, tracheas, tripe stuffed tracheas
  • Chicken spines, backs, frames, necks, feet
  • Duck necks, feet
  • Lamb necks, tails
  • Pork tails, feet
  • Quail whole
  • Turkey necks

Raw & Natural Food for Your Healthy Pet