Petmix Pet Mix For Cats 15ml

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PetMix for Cats

PetMix for Cats is a unique blend is formulated specifically for cats.
No harsh chemicals
Contains herbs and essential oils
Safe for you, children, and the environment
Pet Mix for Cats all natural ingredients include Almond oil, frankincense, lemongrass, lavender, clary sage, geranium and palmarosa.

For cats: Apply 2-3 drops directly to skin at the base of the neck. For ferrets or rabbits, apply to hands and rub on pet’s fur only.Animal is safe for human contact immediately after application
Store in a cool dark place

Pet Mix for cats was designed specifically for the unique requirements of a safe cat product. It is designed to be used on a monthly basis for year round benefits.

Make sure the Pet Mix is applied directly to the skin, rubbing it in with your hands if necessary. Do not bath your cat for 24 hours after application to allow for absorption of Pet Mix

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