Duo Senses Hemp Dog Treats 105g

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Peanut Butter Flavoured Pet Treats 

Indulge your beloved pet with our Relaxing Peanut Butter Hemp Pet Treats, meticulously designed to alleviate stress and anxiety. Formulated with wholesome ingredients, these delectable treats boast high levels of protein and fiber, aiding in both muscle growth and digestive well-being. Infused with 50mg of calming hemp extract per treat, they directly address your pet's discomfort, stress, and anxiety. Ideal for supporting mobility, stimulating appetite, and boosting cognitive function, these treats are baked in small batches to ensure utmost freshness. Suitable for pets of any size, our peanut butter hemp treats offer a delicious, nutritious solution to keep your pet content and at ease. 

30 treats per bag, 50mg per treat. 


Chickpea flour, peanut butter, beef bone broth. Hempseeds, chia seeds, parsley, ginger, basil, olive oil, hemp seed oil, full spectrum hemp extract 


Product Details: 

  • 30 treats per bag 
  • Gluten free 
  • Soy free 
  • High in fiber and protein 
  • All natural ingredients and free from harmful preservatives 



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