Duo Senses Emma's Choice 750 Mg

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Emma’s Choice Hemp Oil for Small Pets 

750mg, 30ml bottle


Full spectrum hemp extract, MCT oil derived from coconuts, hemp seed oil 


Product Details: 

  • 30ml bottle with graduated dropper 
  • MCT Oil and Hempseed Oil Blend 
  • Easy-to-use 
  • Ideal for pets under 20kg 
  • Minimizes stress and anxiety 
  • Contains anti-inflammatory properties 
  • Improves mobility 
  • Maintains coat and skin health 
  • Great for overall well-being 

Treat your beloved pets to the wonders of well-being with our Hemp-Derived Oil, tailor-made for pets weighing under 20kg! Lovingly crafted, this entirely natural fusion blends cannabinoid-rich hempseed oil with MCT oil, promoting their fur, skin, and joint vitality, while providing a soothing embrace during tense moments. With its swift absorption, our hemp oil ensures your furry companions reap all the perks, keeping them sprightly and attentive. Devoid of harmful extras, our hemp oil stands as the pure, secure option you've been seeking. Let your pets revel in the innate goodness of hemp, witnessing their zest and contentment flourish. It's more than just a supplement; it's a stride toward a cheerful, thriving life for your cherished pet! 


Pet Dosing Chart 

2kg – 4kg  Dose: 6.25mg  

5kg – 7kg  Dose: 12.5mg  

8kg – 10kg Dose: 25mg 

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