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OPEN RANGE FULL BULL TAIL - these are huge! Size range is approximately 18-24"

We remove the bone from the inside of the tail (which is used in the human food chain to product the famous Oxtail Soup), we steam the tail and clean it in a mixture of water and shells, stuff it with Cheek Meat and then slowly dehydrate it to puff it. A long lasting, easily digestible treat made without the use of preservatives, sweeteners or taste enhancers. A 100% natural chew that is fun for all dogs.

INGREDIENTS: 100% pure beef, sourced from South America and derived from grass fed animals that are raised without the use of steroids, hormones and antibiotics, and contain no added artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. NOT RAWHIDE

HEAL TH BENEFITS: easily digestible to ensure optimal absorption of the protein, vitamins and minerals that support a healthy immune system. Helps to remove tartar and plaque as your dog chews, promoting healthy teeth and gums.

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