BIG COUNTRY RAW XL BEEF 24LB (6 x 4lb tub)

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XL BEEF 24lb BOX (6 x 4lb Tubs)

Perfect for larger breed dogs (25 lbs+) as well as multi dog households.

What Makes it XL?
A larger grind size results in bigger chunks of meat, bone, fruit and vegetables. It’s also available in our biggest box size yet – 24 lbs! The box dimensions are the same size as our Grab N Go 18, and contains a main protein in 6 x 4 lb tubs.
Like our popular Dinner Recipes, these are complete meals formulated to NRC standards by our in-house Nutritionist suitable for all life stages of your dog.
**Thaw on plate** 
INGEDIENTS XL Beef:Beef, Beef Heart, Beef Bones, Pork Liver, Pork Spleen, Green Beans, Spinach, Blueberries, Calcium Phosphate, Calcium Carbonate, Kelp, Zinc Proteinate, Manganese Proteinate, Copper Proteinate, Vitamin E

XL Beef Main Nutrient

Analysis shown per 100g as fed

  • Calories 157kcal
  • Protein/Protéine 18%
  • Fat/Lipide 9%
  • Carbs/Glucides 1%
  • Fiber/Fibre 1%
  • Moisture/Humidité 67%
  • Calcium 0.50%
  • Phosphorus/Phosphore 0.40%

Recommended Supplements

We recommend adding an oil for omega-3s. View our oils here.

XL Beef Analysis shown per 100g as fed

Potassium (g) 0.24
Sodium (g) 0.09
Magnesium (mg) 19.1
Iron  (mg) 3.6
Iodine (mcg) 52.7
Copper (mg) 0.61
Manganese (mg) 1.09
Selenium (mcg) 13.0
Zinc (mg) 5.2
Vitamin A (IU) 998.0
Thiamine (mg) 0.07
Riboflavin (mg) 0.30
Pantothenic Acid (mg) 0.80
Niacin (mg) 4.1
Pyridoxine (mg) 0.25
Cobalamine (mcg) 3.0
Folate (mcg) 14.7
Vitamin D (mcg) 0.57
Vitamin E (mg) 1.5
Linoleic Acid (g) 0.32
Alpha-linolenic Acid (g) 0.05
Eicosapentaenoic Acid (g) <0.1
Docosahexaenoic Acid (g) <0.1
Arachidonic Acid (g) <0.1
Oleic Acid (g) 4.3
Arginine (g) 0.95
Methionine + Cystine (g) 1.6
Histidine (g) 0.34
Isoleucine (g) 0.58
Leucine (g) 1.3
Lysine (g) 0.96
Phenylalanine + Tyrosine (g) 1.2
Taurine (g) 0.04
Threonine (g) 0.59
Valine (g) 0.81
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