Fish Lake Road Raw Ground Arctic Charr

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NEW - Frozen Raw Ground Arctic Charr

Just a single ingredient… Arctic Charr, ground and frozen into a convenient two pound (907g) tub.

High in protein, energy, and Omega 3s, this food source has been a staple for working dogs in the Yukon for a long time.

What is Arctic Charr?

Arctic Charr is a beautiful pink-fleshed fish that is full of flavor and nutrition. It is a meaty fish related to trout and salmon. As a cold-water fish, it is full of omega-3 fatty acids and a source of Vitamin D.
We believe that Arctic Charr is the finest freshwater finfish available in the world seafood markets today. In addition, the growers of Arctic Charr are committed to developing and promoting an industry which environmentally sound and uses sustainable aquaculture practices.
The fish farms we work with have spent over two decades sustainably farming this incomparable species. All of their Arctic Charr is processed, under the watchful eye of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, in a federally approved HACCP-certified processing plant
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