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Bold Raw is still the same great Bold Quality and Ingredients but is now known as Bold By Nature Select. You'll get the same great product but in a different size. Click here for Select Turkey (previously Bold Raw).


Bold Turkey

Bold Turkey for Dogs is a tasty and nutritious raw dog food, offering a low glycemic and low carbohydrate option that models the natural prey diet of a dog. 


Turkey with bone (triple ground), beef tripe, turkey liver, and kelp.

Thaw and serve this healthy meal to your dog!

Our meat passes strict safety inspections for human consumption and is only sourced from government-inspected facilities that meet these same safety standards. All of our meats are antibiotic and hormone free and come from local Canadian farms.

  Bold Turkey
Moisture % 80.44
Protein % 13.68
Calcium % 0.27
Phosphorus % 0.19
Sodium % 0.16
Potassium % 0.19
Magnesium % 0.02
Zinc (ppm) 17.81
Manganese (ppm) 3
Copper (ppm) 1
Iron (ppm) 87.39
Fibre % 2
Fat % 3
cal/100g 129
Carbohydrate % 0
kcal/kg 1290
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