Back to the Bone invites you to share with us your own experience. We can say so much but it’s you and your four legged friends that will truly tell the real “tails” about our company, products, people, and services. We look forward to sharing your stories, comments and photos.

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The Amazing Ace! / Matt & Alysha

Ever since we adopted our retired racing greyhound Ace, we have struggled to find a food that he would eat. No matter how high quality the kibble, he rarely ate more than once a day, and some days not at all. We finally visited Back to the Bone, where the staff gave us an excellent breakdown of all of their products.

It has been 2 months now and Ace has not missed a single meal. He is eager for his breakfast every morning, and chatters for his dinner. The change has been huge. Given his elderly age, we are thrilled that he is eating regularly as it will no doubt extend his life.

On the plus side, he no longer earns his nickname, Sir Stinks-a-lot. His breath does not smell, and he can no longer clear the room with his gas. Thanks Back to the Bone!

Buford & Toro! / Gary, Buford and Toro

Absolutely amazing difference for Buford and Toro on the raw diet in just a few short days. Thanks Back to the Bone and the owner who spent so much time explaining all. Helping select the perfect raw diet for the boys!

Lionel! / Kevin & Tanya & Lionel

A huge thank you to Dan, for having the time and patience to walk us through getting started with Lionel and his new raw meat diet!

Lionel is 9 months old now, and has a very active life. Before visiting Back To The Bone, Lionel had no concept of “down time”. Literally within 3 days of not eating kibble, he has a whole new demeanor! He has gone from a mischievous, never settle puppy, to a content and “chilled” Weimaraner!

Not only does he seem to be more “full” during the day, he will now “hang out” with the family without constantly looking for food or entertainment.

Don’t get me wrong, he is still a puppy….but we are so very happy with his new attitude. To top it off, yard cleanup is a breeze! He no longer has “the runs” every day.

We can’t thank you enough

Thanks from Buddy!!! / Nancy, Bill and Buddy

I can’t believe you have taken so much of your time to discuss dog health with me. Thank you sincerely. We have been communicating underBuddyC my husband’s email regarding our Malshi (Maltese/Shitzu x) Buddy. He’s two. I had to put bits of our food in his kibble or he wouldn’t eat. I know he would eat when he was hungry enough, but, what a life! It just didn’t seem natural. Even after he ate it he was still looking for treats. We couldn’t go in the kitchen without him bugging us. He started to gain weight and his coat seemed dull or dry. We get plenty of outdoor play, run and walk time, so I knew it must be his food.

I knew of Back To The Bone from a neighbour so decided to stop by. We had a number of informative discussions with Donna over a few months. Buddy has been on raw for about one month. His coat is getting silkier, his eyes are tearing less, he eats every bit….LOVES it……is content after his meal, does not bug us in the kitchen anymore and simply seems at peace.

Thanks for letting me know about the fruits and veg. Buddy gets some of ours too. I was worried about the dry stool – he takes 1/4 tsp per day of fish oil.

You have really put my mind at ease. We see the positive changes in Buddy and again, we thank you.

Sam I Am’s Tale / Isabel and Emanuel

Sam I Am is now a different dog. Two whole weeks without vomiting, no scratching, we are in awe. Sam appears to be totally relaxed. he enoys his food very much. We have had no other issues. We are so thankful that our paths crossed.

Sam thanks you. We should be in around the middle of March to get his food supply.

Carly’s Tale / Tracy

Carly BloisWe have a six year old Havanese named Carly. Last spring our Vet wanted to pull several of her teeth due to decay. We had just started her on a raw food diet with Back to the Bone. We decided to get their opinion about her teeth. Carly was started on Leba spray twice a day. Within a month most of the “decay” was gone. It was simply plaque build up.

Now we are trying to clear her tear stains. We suspected a food allergy and again went to see the great folks at Back to the Bone. They had already suggested Colloidal Silver which helped but didn’t deal with the cause. We were told about hot and cold meats. After a week of cold meat only, her tears were not as severe. Beef, a neutral meat, has been added back for a few days now and the tearing is still mild. It appears the hot meat, like chicken, was the problem. A few haircuts and she should look much better.

Thank you Back to the Bone for such informative help!

Bella and Benji / Donna & Eric R.

Thank you to Back to the Bone for advising us how to feed our dogs. It always a pleasure to visit the store to stock up on food for our dogs. Daniel and Donna are very knowledgeable and sometimes we even call them to get their advice when we encounter situations we have not dealt with before.

Benji’s Tale

Benji (German Sheperd) was our first dog. From the time we got him, we fed him kibble. He would eat his Kibble and then drink lots of water. Then he would be very gassy and sometimes, he looked like he was about to throw up so I had to tap his tummy like a baby to help him to burb.

At seven months he started to limp on his hind legs and at first we thought he probably sprained them when he was playing. As the days past by, he got worse and could barely walk so we took him to the Vet. The Vet did some xrays and advised he thought it looked like Panosteitis. He advised he had to check Benji’s liver first to make sure it was okay before he gave us medicine to help him. He also informed us that we didn’t want him on this medicine for a long time because it could damage his liver. We were very upset.

One of our business contacts referred us to Dr. Lisa Burgess. Dr. Burgess gave us some naturopathic medicine and recommended we switch Benji from kibble to raw food diet. She recommended Back to the Bone.

We started Benji on the raw food diet right away and we noticed the limping significantly improve within two weeks. His fur changed from being dull and wiry to shiny and soft. His bloat and gas problems went away and he stopped drinking so much of water. It was later confirmed that he has moderate hip dysplasia. He is now 2 years and 9 months old and except for a little limping at the end of the day when he has been running around a lot, the severity of his symptoms have not returned.

Bella’s Tale / Donna & Eric R.

When we got Bella (Boxer Lab Cross) at 12 weeks and she looked malnourished. Her ribs were showing and she was gangly (all legs). She was not chubby and cute like most puppies are and her energy level was low for puppy. We were given some kibble to help her adjust to the raw diet when we brought her home. For her first meal, we mixed the kibble and raw food together. She ate all the raw food very enthusiastically and left all the kibble behind. After that, we just gave her raw food.

Today, she is six and half months old, healthy, very energetic and her coat is very shiny.

Chase’s Tale /Brian C. and Chase

Our 7 month old puppy Chase had been boarded for 6 days while our family was away in April. During our absence, he became very stressed, anxious and had lost approx. 5-6 lbs. Being a growing puppy it was quite obvious he had lost weight upon our return. He was very boney, lethargic and certainly wasn’t himself. We had been struggling with finding him a proper diet that would suit him and his very sensitive tummy. The boarding facility reassured us that he had been eating normally, and everything was fine during our absence. My husband and I had been discussing a raw diet for Chase a few weeks prior and upon our return we knew it was the right time to switch him over to raw when we saw the condition our poor puppy was in.

We had heard how great Dan and his team at Back to the Bone are from friends and took Chase down for a visit. Dan noticed the condition that Chase was in and immediately went to work on how he can be treated so we could get him back up to his optimum weight. Dan calculated how much raw food Chase needed per day to get him back to a healthy weight and we moved ahead with switching his food.

Within 4 days Chase had re-gained 4lbs and was bright, alert and responsive. We cannot begin to say how happy we are that Chase is better, bigger and healthier!! Now he is 9 1/2 months old and is in absolute perfect health and at his optimal weight.

Many Thanks to Dan and his staff at Back to the Bone for getting our puppy Chase on the raw diet. It’s the best decision we’ve made in regards to our puppy, and we couldn’t be happier with the knowledge and friendly service Back to the Bone provides.

Mason’s Tale /Stephen W.

I have a six year old Collie (Mason) with a very sensitive gastrointestinal system. Since Mason was a puppy I have had him on a high fibre diet. Unfortunately, the commercial dog food provided by my vet was not something he enjoyed, and getting him to eat was always a challenge.

Earlier in the year the dog food manufacturer changed the composition of their food which resulted in Mason developing a severe case of diarrhea. On my vet’s advice I changed the dog food brand, but the problem only got worse. I then went to a pet store and tried different foods, but none were successful. After several weeks, four vet visits, several hundred dollars in medical tests and antibiotics, and a lot of wasted food, I was at the end of my rope. My neighbour told me that she had a similar problem with her cat, and after putting him on raw food the problem improved immediately. I was skeptical, but also frustrated, and figured it was worth a try.

I visited Back to the Bone, and Donna provided me with a number of options to try. After feeding my dog raw food I noticed an improvement within five hours. With twenty-four hours the diarrhea had stopped. Moreover, Mason loved the food and there was no need to feed him scraps or treats as an inducement to get him to eat. Not only is he happier he appears healthier, and this coat and skin condition have also improved.

I would highly recommend the raw food option to others who may be facing similar challenges to the ones I encountered. Donna and Dan have been great to deal with, and the quality of service from Back to the Bone has been exemplary.

Hunter’s Tale

In November 2010, Hunter’s mom came into Back To The Bone looking for a solution for Hunter. Prior to coming to our store, Hunter was diagnosed with Perianal Fistulas. An Anal fistula, or fistula-in-ano, is an abnormal connection between the epithelialized surface of the anal canal and (usually) the perianal skin. In some cases, the dog can be at a high risk of reoccurring infections experiencing extreme levels of pain and discomfort. In Hunter’s case, the prognosis was not good. He had been losing weight, his stools were extremely loose and his activity level was very low. Hunter’s quality of life had deteriorated to the point that everyone feared for the worse.

On November 15, 2010, Hunter’s life changed...

After about 20 minutes, and answering all of the questions about a Raw Food diet for dogs, Hunter’s mom walked out of Back To The Bone with 8lb of Bold Raw Turkey Dinner and 1lb of chicken backs. We were all very interested to hear how things went.

Three days later, Hunter’s mom returned. The first thing we heard was that Hunter had a solid stool for the first time ever. He was eating again and his gastro appeared to be processing everything as it should be. The Bold Raw Turkey dinner was the food of choice again. Things were looking up.

Today, Hunter is once again a happy and healthy dog. The anal lesions have disappeared and Hunter has gained a healthy 9lbs since the middle of November. When he comes into the store for a visit you see a beautiful German Shepherd with a healthy shiny coat, brilliant white teeth and a vitality that is a joy to watch. Hunter must still take his meds to ensure the lesions are kept at bay. However, Hunter’s mom truly believes that the change to a raw diet was a life saver.

Hunter’s favourite past time is playing with his girlfriend Ellie, a blonde lab. His favourite toy is his Frisbee and his favourite treat is dehydrated beef liver.