Our boy Max was born on February 14, 2000. He was a beautiful addition to our 7 year old DJ. At 1 ½ years of age, a small lump was diagnosed as cancerous. It was removed along with a good section of muscle mass along the side of his body. The surgical team felt that they removed all of the margins, but, only time would tell. We were told that there was a very good possibility the cancer would show up again and they were not confident that Max would make it past 7 years.

Max recovered from his surgery and continued to live a "spoiled dogs" life. At the age of 7, we started to notice that he was not eating like he was (When a Black Lab doesn’t have an appetite; you know something is going on). Within a week, we noticed some weight loss. At first, we thought it was because we introduced Oliver, a Black Lab puppy, into our lives. We hoped it would be temporary and that Max would get over it. Nothing changed. Things got worse. He would eat a little but could not keep it down. We needed to get weight back on him so off to the vet for a battery of tests. We did fear that the cancer had returned and that the surgeon’s predictions were coming true. After numerous vet visits, tests, x-rays, blood work, stool samples and eventually thousands of dollars in bills, we were at our wits end. No cancer could be found. We changed his food. Still no improvement. This was not good and we were very close to giving up. No one could give us any answers and our man was fading away.

Then, Donna met a wonderful lady whom we shared our story with. The first words out of her mouth were "What do you feed your dog?" No one had asked us this question before. We thought we were feeding a good quality kibble (and the Vet prescribed food). We had no idea. This lovely lady immediately told us what we had to do. Get your dog on raw and get rid of the kibble, it is killing him. We knew very little about raw diets for dogs. We were nervous about the bone. We were concerned about raw meat and whether or not Max could handle it. We were at a point where we were ready to try anything.

That day, Donna purchased four 5lb bricks of raw chicken and bone. That evening, we put the portioned meals in the bowls for both Max and Oliver. We could not believe our eyes. Max ate the whole bowl. It was gone in less than a minute. Within two days Max was eating like normal. His stools became small and firm. His coat became shiny again and his energy levels returned. The events that week opened our eyes to a whole new world of pet nutrition.

We were also introduced to a DVM who integrated a Holistic approach to pet health and was fully supportive of a raw diet for dogs (and cats). Again, our eyes were opened to a very different and healthy approach to pet health. We became so interested in what we were experiencing that pet nutrition became a passion in our lives. Over the next few years, we began to introduce our two labs to different type of raw food, raw meaty bone and whole prey. Our boys thrived while we became more knowledgeable about the different proteins we were feeding them and the availability of different supplements we could introduce.

Since that day in 2007, our journey with Max & Oliver has been filled with amazing people who have helped educate us and open our eyes to appropriate pet nutrition, supplementation, proper and safe vaccination protocols as well as natural healing therapies. This new world of pet health created a passion within our lives that eventually led us to open Back To The Bone in September 2010. Since that time, we have helped introduce and transition dogs and cats onto a healthier diet. We get to meet fantastic animals and their owners every day. Most importantly, we get to hear about and see the amazing improvements in the lives of our customer`s pets after they have transitioned onto their new, healthy diet.

There is no doubt in our minds that a diet consisting mainly of real meat, bone and organ meat is the main reason our Max lived for 15 years. Our other man, Oliver, has thrived on his diet and the vaccination protocols we decided to use over the last 9 years of his life. Our visits to our vet are for yearly blood work. We strongly feel these necessary changes are what contribute to our boys living healthy, thriving, lives to the fullest. We love to share our experiences with everyone that visits us in the store every day. Maxwell forever lives on through Back to the Bone and what we strive to accomplish.