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Thank you for taking the time to visit us. We are a raw pet food retailer located in south Burlington at 495 Walkers Line, just north of New Street and North Oakville at 380 Dundas Street East, located in the Longo's plaza. We carry an extensive line of raw pet food products as well as natural, healthy treats and unique pet accessories.

The Benefits of the Raw Pet Food

Many pet owners believe that a raw pet food diet is significantly better than the alternative – kibble. This opinion is supported by animal experts and many maintain that raw pet foods are a considerably better option, as they are all natural, carry far more nutrients than kibble and contain no chemicals or preservatives.

Most domestic pets are, by nature, carnivores and evolved/thrived eating raw meat, muscle, organs and bone as part of their healthy development in the wild. The protein and nutrients allowed them to grow, build strength and maintain balanced health. The bone cleans their teeth and gums, and provided an excellent source of calcium. With a raw food diet, offered by specialized retailers like us at Back to the Bone, we are able to achieve the natural diet intended for pets through various options – raw meaty bones, convenient pre-packaged meals and a variety of all natural treats.

Listed below are the key advantages of choosing raw over kibble for your pet’s diet:

Key Advantages of a Raw Diet:

  • + No bad odor – kibble and canned food contains a wide range of preservatives, chemicals and additives which all mix together in your pet’s digestive system to produce ‘body odor’. Since a raw food diet is only made from naturally-sourced and processed ingredients, this issue is avoided. Your pet will be able to process their food much more easily with a healthy, raw diet, even going on to actively flush toxins out of their body.
  • + Oral hygiene – Your pet’s mouth will be cleaner and healthier than ever before. Problems such as bad breath and gum disease will be a thing of the past. You won’t have to brush their teeth ever again.
  • + Overall health – Introducing a balanced, raw diet and eliminating the negative effects of artificial ingredients, your pet will be in the best shape possible. This will improve their energy and stabilize their weight. The natural enzymes in raw food help with effective and constant digestion. The many nutrients present will also help your pet fight off infections, diseases, fleas and other parasites in a healthy, natural way, eliminating the need for regular veterinary check-ups and the medications and bills associated with the visits.
  • + Longer life-span – As your pet’s health improves, their muscles and bones become stronger. When the diet is given for an extended period, these changes can help to extend your pet’s life-span.
  • + Skin disorders – The chemical ingredients of artificial pet food can lead to adverse skin reactions in your pet. A diet of natural, raw pet food does not face the same issue and will keep your pet’s coat and skin soft, shiny and most importantly healthy.
  • + Avoid pregnancy complications – When your pet becomes pregnant, she needs the best diet possible – more than at any other time. The vital nutrients present in raw food meets this demand perfectly. These nutrients play a particularly important role in improving the uterus, ultimately facilitating the healthy development of her litter.
  • + Small firm stool – Compared to kibble, most of the ingredients in a properly balanced raw diet have a high level of bio-digestibility. This means that your pet utilizes most of these natural ingredients through the digestion process. The end result is a stool that is much smaller and firmer than the voluminous and greasy stool created by kibble.

As can be seen, raw pet foods offer a whole host of advantages over their commercially produced dry food competitors. To keep your pet safe, healthy and happy in every stage of their life, consider making the change today.

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